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We built this resource hub for professors, career coaches, career centers, guidance counsellors, public health associations, managers and mentors who take pride in supporting and uplifting the public health workforce.

As a public health educator, you play a vital role in training and shaping the next generation of public health professionals.

We know the importance of your work.

Which is why we've created this resource hub.

Our resource hub includes a variety of resources that are specifically designed to help you teach, train, and mentor public health students.

From podcast episodes and blog articles to include in your syllabus, to collaborating on workshops or consulting on the development of your course, we're here.

Here are a few of the amazing organizations, we've partnered with in the past.

We can't wait to work with you!

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Advice and tips on job applications - Podcast Episodes

Are you ever in a situation where you are asked for job application tips?
Here are some of our top podcast episodes from experts in the field that you can use.

Resources to provide guidance for a career in public health

Do you have students, new grads, or individuals you mentor who come to you and say:
“I don’t know what to do next!” or “I feel lost with my public health career!”
It happens to all of us.
If you aren’t sure how to help them, here’s a tool you can use or send them to.

Higher education

When it comes to pursuing higher education, there are lots of questions! 
Here are some of our greatest resources to help you help the next generation of public health leaders.

Career Workshops & Talks

If you are looking for some additional support, we can help.

We offer workshops and talks focused on career development. 

Our workshops are delivered virtually (1-2 hours) and can be accommodated to your audience size. 

We’ve delivered these workshops for groups of 20 to 200 attendees.

Contact us to talk about any of these workshops/talks.

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