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The Career Club is a global membership-based community of public health peers supporting each other to build their dream public health careers.

In the Career Club, we give you the building blocks to navigate your career, teach you industry best practices, show you the power of harnessing your network, and coach you to build your dream public health career.

Our goal is to show you that you can have an impact in the world,
feel fulfilled in your public health career, and achieve your wildest dreams!

Meet like-minded peers, mentors, speakers and coaches
Connect and build meaningful relationships in our private community

Learn from experts
Attend live training, talks and coaching sessions – something happening every week!

Work through career challenges with peers
Whether it’s from attending a talk, workshop, and talking it through with a mentor or peer, there’s always a way to solve your challenge

Join 100+ public health changemakers and find your next public health job, form a partnership on a project, get inspired through a career story, or get inspired by peers & mentors!

Here’s what Club Members have to say about their experience

I can't say enough about how much PH SPOT has helped me in my career and life overall...It's the first time I've really felt seen as a public health professional when it comes to career development - most general resources are not as applicable to the unique world of public health as PH SPOT is. I have recently joined the Public Health Career Club and it's been wonderful to connect with other members on a deeper level about our career journeys and lives. Most of all, I am so thankful for PH SPOT helping me to find my dream job in public health consulting - without you I never would have heard about this great opportunity!
So grateful!
Before I say anything, I need you to know how good I have been feeling since becoming a part of the career club. It feels like I am finally on the road.
Club Member

Frequently Asked Questions

The Public Health Career Club is a membership-based experience. We are creating the #1 hangout spot and community dedicated to building and growing your dream public health career.

We do this in the club through mindset coaching, strategy sessions, training and workshops, and of course by helping you build meaningful relationships with other public health professionals.

Through the club, you connect with public health peers who are driven to do more with their life and career, and are committed to helping you do the same! Imagine being able to easily reach out to and build relationships with peers, experts, and leaders around the world.

As much as we want to say “it’s for everyone”, the reality is it’s not.

You can be at any phase of your career to find value in The Public Health Career Club:
✔️ Student: Undergraduate or Graduate (even high school)
✔️ New grad
✔️ Early-career
✔️ Mid-career
✔️ Established/late-career

Having said that, the Club will probably be the right fit for you if you match the following criteria:

  • You’re an ambitious, driven person who wants to do more with your life and public health career. (A note about this criteria: We all have unmotivated seasons in our life. If you are not feeling too ambitious at the moment, it’s okay…as long as you know that with some support, you can find the ambition and drive again, you can answer YES to this criteria.)
  • You want to upgrade your public health network and start hanging out with high-caliber people who motivate you to be your greatest self.
  • You’re coachable and ready to commit to your personal and professional growth.
  • You are equally committed to helping and cheering on others to reach their personal and professional goals.

It’s a whole new experience we are creating in the Club.

The most valuable part of this experience is the COMMUNITY: public health peers who are driven to do more with their life and career, and committed to helping you do the same! Imagine being able to easily reach out to and build relationships with peers, experts, and leaders around the world.

Additionally, you also get the following (there’s something happening every week):

  • Virtual live training, talks & coaching sessions by different experts (+ recordings)
  • Virtual social hours & mastermind sessions to build your network and work through your challenges
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Access to a member portal platform to connect with your global public health community (web-based/mobile friendly, iOS & Android app)
Specifically, the live training sessions fall under one of these themes:
  • Mastermind Groups: Work with your peers through specific career challenges
  • Career Stories: Changemakers in public health come and share their journey and answer all your questions about their experience
  • Coaching sessions: We all need to be pushed sometimes, so we bring in coaches to talk about things like mindset, career, and finances
  • Job Prep Clinic: We get you ready for your next job application through live resume clinics, job search strategies, and more
  • Grad School Prep Clinic: We invite mentors/alumni to help answer questions you may have about grad school applications (there’s one scheduled for the week of Feb 5 with a panel of PhD, DrPH, and MPH grads!)
  • Public Health Communication: New this year, we’ll host workshop-style sessions to improve communication skills (ex: infographic design, writing)
  • Special Events/Workshops: From time to time, we’ll throw on a special training that doesn’t quite fit under the above categories

The Club is a membership-only community, where access can be obtained via one of two subscription plans (monthly or annual).

We only open access to the Club a few times a year. This allows us to onboard and take care of each cohort. We don’t want club members to be overwhelmed when they join!

We have guest speakers and presenters from all around the world so the dates and times often vary. If you are not able to attend the sessions live, there will be recordings available.

Absolutely. The newsletter, podcast, and blog, amongst other free resources, will continue to be free (forever).

Email us at and we will be sure to respond!

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