Upskilling, as we like to call it, is when you learn a new skill or strengthen an existing one in order to further build your public health career.

The need to upskill could be for many reasons. A few examples that come to mind for us are the following: the way we used to do things is no longer applicable (i.e. as technology becomes more widespread in the public health space, a lot of us who went through a traditional education system would not have had the opportunity to use certain Softwares or applications); or we need to upskill because we want to try a different role in public health (i.e. from a health promoter to a health communication specialist), or perhaps we went on an extended leave or just graduated and want to stand out from our competitors.

Whatever your reason may be, I want to let you know that at some point, we all may need to upskill, and you are not alone.

PH SPOT is committed to keeping this LEARN page as up to date as possible with online courses relevant to today’s public health career. Also, in order to ensure that the listed courses can be accessed by everyone in our community (regardless of where you are physically sitting in this beautiful world) the courses we highlight will be online-based.

The courses you see below were developed the following organizations. As we review more courses, we will update this page. Happy Learning!

Public Health Communication

Data | Spreadsheets

Data & Analysis | R

Visualizations | Tableau


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