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Welcome to PH SPOT

At PH SPOT, we take care of the workforce behind public health.
We create amazing tools and resources to help you achieve your big career goals. We’re obsessed about seeing you succeed in building your dream career that we do everything we can to make sure you’re taken care of. We’re part of your cheer squad and we’ve got a whole community that comes with us.

We are on a mission to help you build your dream public health career

We didn’t see a space online for public health, so we created it.
We saw a gap in the online space for career development resources for public health. And after spending hundreds of hours offering 1:1 career support, Sujani created PH SPOT as a scalable solution to reach, inspire and support a larger number of public health professionals. In summary, we absolutely love the workforce behind public health.

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"...[the program] gave me the confidence to go after what I wanted and provided actionable tools when applying and interviewing for jobs. Half way through the [program] I was actually offered and started my dream job. Having a growth mindset was pivotal in making my career dreams a reality."
"I can't say enough about how much PH SPOT has helped me in my career and life overall. I look forward to receiving the newsletters packed with helpful resources every week. It's the first time I've really felt seen as a public health professional when it comes to career development - most general resources are not as applicable to the unique world of public health as PH SPOT is. I have recently joined the Public Health Career Club and it's been wonderful to connect with other members on a deeper level about our career journeys and lives. Most of all, I am so thankful for PH SPOT helping me to find my dream job in public health consulting - without you I never would have heard about this great opportunity!"
Allie Piatkowski

The Public Health SPOTlight


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