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Hello and welcome to PH SPOT!

We are a trusted career development resource and community for public health professionals around the world. 

Through community curated content (blog and podcast), virtual programming (courses, workshops, membership community), digital resources, and by leveraging data, we help our community build their dream careers in public health while improving the health of the world’s population!

Our philosophy is that we can have impact in the world, find fulfillment in our public health careers, AND achieve our wildest dreams! It doesn’t have to be just one of these things.

PH SPOT takes care of the people taking care of the world. 

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As of Dec 2022

Our story.

PH SPOT was founded in 2017 after Sujani Sivanantharajah, the founder of PH SPOT, saw a gap in the online space for a career development resource dedicated specifically for public health professionals. Sujani identified this gap after she spent many hours between 2013 – 2016, guiding public health students, new grads, and her peers (one-on-one) with their careers. As much as she loved doing this, she knew that these individuals needed to hear the stories of other public health changemakers, build community, and have access to resources to help them on this journey.

Knowing that the solution needed to be scalable, she leveraged technology, to build PH SPOT to reach, inspire and support a larger number of public health professionals, globally.

PH SPOT initially started as a job board and evolved into what it is today featuring career stories on the blog and podcast, resources and tools for studying, working and upskilling in public health, as well as a paid membership community.

As a trusted career development resource, we are recommended and relied upon by students, new graduates, academic institutions, and public health organizations.

We are a group of dedicated individuals who are on a mission to help our peers build their dream public health career – join our growing community!


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