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MPH in Canada – Master of Public Health programs in Canada

Updated: 2021

Deciding to pursue higher education is exciting and the possibilities are endless. Considering you are on this website, we’ll assume that you have narrowed down your interest to the field of Public Health! The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is offered at a number of universities around the world, including Canada.

We at PH SPOT know how difficult it is to compare all of the available programs and then decide on the top ones to apply to (been there, done that). So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the preliminary research for you and develop this handy dandy downloadable tool!

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Tips: How to decide which MPH programs in Canada to apply to

  1. Do you know if MPH is right for your dream? Define your dream public health career.
  2. Narrow down the list of MPH programs based on attributes that are important to you, such as length of program, practicum options, location of the university, or cost. (The preliminary research on each program is available in our tool – download it here.)
  3. Reach out and chat with at least one alumni from each program to understand what it’s like to be a student in the program.
  4. Use the MPH tool we developed for you and add additional columns to capture notes from alumni (and perhaps your own research). Be sure to track everything you discover about the program.
  5. Based on the attributes most important to you and the budget you’ve set aside for grad school applications, decide which programs you’d like to apply to.
  6. Start looking into the application process!

Good luck!

Tool Sneak Peek: MPH in Canada – Master of Public Health Programs in Canada

This is a condensed summary of the program list that is available for download. Additional information such as admission requirements, cost of the program and much more valuable information are available for you in the download.

ProvinceUniversityFacultyProgram DeliveryProgram Structure (Course/Thesis)
Program Duration
British ColumbiaSimon Fraser UniversityFaculty of Health SciencesIn-personBoth5 terms (approx. 20 months)
British ColumbiaUniversity of British ColumbiaSchool of Population and Public HealthIn-personCourse-based2 years
British ColumbiaUniversity of VictoriaFaculty of Human & Social Development – School of Public Health & Social PolicyOnlineCourse-based2 years (6 consecutive academic terms)
AlbertaUniversity of AlbertaSchool of Public HealthIn-personBoth2 years
SaskatchewanUniversity of SaskatchewanSchool of Public HealthChoice (Online or In-person)Both2 years
ManitobaUniversity of ManitobaRady Faculty of Health SciencesIn-personCourse-based2 years
OntarioMcMaster UniversityFaculty of Health SciencesIn-personBoth2 years
OntarioQueen’s UniversityDepartment of Public Health SciencesIn-personCourse-based16 months
OntarioUniversity of GuelphOntario Veterinary CollegeIn-personCourse-based5 semesters
OntarioUniversity of TorontoDalla Lana School of Public HealthIn-personCourse-based4-5 terms
OntarioUniversity of TorontoDalla Lana School of Public HealthIn-personCourse-based2 years
OntarioUniversity of TorontoDalla Lana School of Public HealthIn-personCourse-based2 years
OntarioUniversity of TorontoDalla Lana School of Public HealthIn-personCourse-based2 years
OntarioUniversity of TorontoDalla Lana School of Public HealthIn-personCourse-based2 years
OntarioUniversity of TorontoDalla Lana School of Public HealthIn-personCourse-based2 years
OntarioWestern UniversitySchulich School of Medicine and DentistryIn-personCourse-based12 months
OntarioUniversity of OttawaFaculty of MedicineIn-personCourse-basedMPH: 16 months
MPH+: 20 months
OntarioBrock UniversityFaculty of Applied Health SciencesOnlineCourse-based1 year (3 terms)
OntarioUniversity of WaterlooSchool of Public Health and Health SystemsOnlineCourse-based6 terms
OntarioLakehead UniversityFaculty of Health SciencesChoice (Online or In-person)Both2 years
QuebecMcGill UniversityFaculty of MedicineIn-personCourse-based20 months
QuebecUniversite de MontrealSchool of Public HealthIn-personBoth45 credits
QuebecUniversite LavalFaculty of MedicineIn-personCourse-based51 credits
Newfoundland and LabradorMemorial UniversityFaculty of MedicineHybrid (in-person & online)Course-based1 year (September to August)
Newfoundland and LabradorMemorial UniversityFaculty of MedicineIn-personCourse-based24 months


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