Stepping into your purpose: Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, job application tips, and Entrepreneurship, with Brittaney Jenkins

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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Brittaney Jenkins, the founder and CEO of Jenkins Public Health Consulting. They talk about working in public health without a graduate degree, job application advice for early career professionals, and Brittaney’s experience with entrepreneurship and creating her own business.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How early experiences with volunteering and job shadowing led Brittaney to pursue public health
  • The pros and cons job shadowing vs. volunteering with an organization
  • Job application advice for early career professionals who may not have a lot of paid work experiences or a graduate degree in their field of interest
  • How the desire for independence led to Brittaney forming her own consulting company focusing on community outreach
  • How Brittaney balanced running her own business in earlier stages with working a corporate position 
    • What prompted Brittaney to move into full time work with her own business
  • The biggest challenges Brittaney faced with running her own business 
  • Tips on attracting and retaining clientele for those interested in entrepreneurship and the importance of social media in this age
  • What a day in Brittaney’s life as a public health consultant looks like

Today’s Guest:

Brittaney Jenkins is a Public Health Practitioner, Consultant, Certified Health Education Specialist, and Mentor. She obtained a BS in Public Health from Ball State University, has over 10+ years of experience in public health, and went from NPO to CEO. Brittaney is the Founder of Jenkins Public Health Consulting, LLC, helping clients develop innovative community outreach strategies to increase awareness and engagement of public health & wellness programs, ultimately improving health outcomes. She also runs a Public Health Mentor program for current and aspiring public health professionals. Brittaney is originally from Indianapolis, IN, now residing in Birmingham, AL.

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