From Microbiologist to Epidemiologist & supporting Public Health Entrepreneurs, with Dr. Charlotte Huntley, PhD, MPH

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Today’s episode features Dr. Charlotte Huntley, a public health entrepreneur and leader. We peel back the layers of her dynamic journey from a liberal arts and microbiology background to an influential career in epidemiology and entrepreneurship.  Our dialogue uncovers her dive into the pharmaceutical industry and how the entrepreneurial flame was kindled within her. As we pivot towards the impact of her work during a global pandemic, Dr. Huntley delves into the importance of communication in public health and the gratification of specializing her consulting services to aid BIPOC organizations. Join us as we draw inspiration from Dr. Huntley’s narrative, illustrating the power of readiness for opportunities and the joy of a career intertwined with core values.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Dr. Huntley’s work in microbiology and healthcare and her pivot into epidemiology and community health
  • Global health and the pharmaceutical industry 
  • Dr. Huntley’s start in podcasting and how it grew into a thriving business
  • COVID’s impact on Dr. Huntley’s new company and how it has evolved since then to primarily serve BIPOC communities
  • Glance into the making of Dr. Huntley’s upcoming book on public health entrepreneurship

Today’s Guest:

Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley, MPH is a public health entrepreneur and recognized leader in the public health industry. She has over 20 years of experience as an accomplished epidemiologist, microbiologist, consultant, and podcaster. Dr. Huntley is the CEO at DrCHHuntley, LLC, a public health and epidemiology consulting firm supporting large nonprofit organizations and government agencies that serve black, indigenous, and people of color commonly referred to as BIPOC communities. Her team is often invited to support tribal organizations and are always humbled and honored to serve. Through another arm of her business, Dr. Huntley and her team also provide resources and support to public health entrepreneurs.

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