Public Health Resources Series: Public Health Insight Podcast, with Leshawn Benedict

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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Leshawn Benedict, one of the cofounders of Public Health Insight. They talk about Leshawn’s story of how he became interested in public health and his various involvements in different public health fields as well as what Public Health Insight is and how they are achieving their mission.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Leshawn’s story of how he became interested and involved in the field of public health 
  • Advice for undergraduate students thinking about applying for grad school and planning for future career prospects
  • Leshawn’s experience of learning and being involved in the public health environment of Thailand
  • Leshawn and his co-founders’ motivations for starting Public Health Insight
  • How Public Health Insight has evolved and grown 
  • What the benefits of engaging in extracurricular public health endeavors and personal initiatives on top of “formal” work are
  • Findings from Leshawn’s article  “Podcasting as a Tool for Health Communication? The Public Health Insight Podcast and Emergent Opportunities”
  • How podcasting can be used as an effective form of communicating public health information
  • Leshawn’s biggest learnings, surprises, and challenges when starting a podcast

Today’s Guest:

Leshawn Benedict is a Community Manager for a Global Health Community of Practice with over 250 members across 35 countries, focusing on addressing implementation gaps and current issues facing Neglected Tropical Disease programs. He received his Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, majoring in Biochemistry and Biology, and completed his Master of Public Health and Master of Science (Global Health Management) degrees at Western University and McMaster University. Leshawn has a keen interest in project management and student mentorship. He is also the Founder of Public Health Insight, a public health organization committed to leading and innovating modern solutions to support evidence-informed public health communication, education, and knowledge translation.

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