What is a Community Health Worker (CHW) and how to become one, with Tasha Whitaker

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Embark on a transformative journey with Tasha Whitaker, a seasoned Community Health Worker whose heart beats for public health education and advocacy. From her initial dreams of trauma nursing to becoming a beacon of hope and change within her community, Tasha’s story is a testament to the power of passion and persistence. Uncover the nuanced dynamics of Community Health Workers, the unsung heroes who bridge gaps between healthcare systems and the people they serve. Our conversation is a deep dive into how these trusted liaisons navigate complex webs of resources, while also highlighting the serendipitous nature of career opportunities that can arise from the most unexpected of places.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What a community health worker (CHW) is and how they work to better community health through building relationships within the community
  • Tasha’s experience with landing a job as a CHW right out of undergrad 
  • The skillsets needed to be successful in community health work
    • Qualifications needed to become a CHW and how they differ depending on where you’re located
  • Other pathways that are available for CHWs such as in research, clinical roles, and management and how skills learned from being a CHW prepare you for other roles
  • Tasha’s transition from ground work to training others to starting her own professional development company and the work she does now with Crew Wellness LLC

Today’s Guest:

Tasha Whitaker is the CEO of Crew Wellness LLC, a Wellness Education Training & Professional Development Company which she founded after a decade of work experience leading in healthcare roles that have impacted federal, state and local public health organizations. Tasha has been featured on ABC 25, KYTX, CBS DFW and highlighted in magazine and print articles for her community engagement and public health expertise. She is sought after for her ability to improve community engagement outcomes through wellness interventions, strategic processes, and training thousands of Community Health Workers to deploy health education for  communities nationally. Through her company Crew Wellness she is impacting not only the communities being served, but also the Crew (staff) providing the services to ensure wellness is prioritized so they can continue to contribute to the positive health outcomes for communities. Tasha regularly consults for companies wishing to gain deeper connections with communities by providing relevant, fun and engaging  professional development training to the crew so they can serve equitably and provide a stellar service to the communities they serve.

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