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A 6-week hands-on intensive training program to empower early professionals, recent grads, and students with the mindset, skills, and tools required to land a public health job, advance in your career, and become future public health leaders.

6-week Program

Hands-on training

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There's more to your public health career than landing a J-O-B.

You are here to change the world.

As an Epidemiologist,
a health promoter,
a data analyst,
a knowledge translator,
a health educator,
a researcher,
an advisor,
a health inspector,
a policy analyst,
an evaluator,
a program planner or
an entrepreneur.

We’re here to help you overcome the overwhelm of building a career so that you can achieve your personal mission.

Giving you a resume revamp, a stock cover letter and a link to a few job boards is not what we’re here to do.

As an early professional, recent grad or student, building your dream public health career may feel out of reach. 

The pressure to land THAT public health job, while managing the job application process, what jobs to apply to, where to look for jobs, prepare a resume and cover letter, build your professional network, tell your story in front of prospective employers, and most importantly figure out your career vision is not an easy feat.

All of these moving components make the process overwhelming. There are so many things to figure out, and if you’ve never done it before, it can feel quite lonely.

We also know that you are not looking for yet another list of tips on how to improve your resume and cover letter.

We’ve been in your place and know this feeling very well. 

You don’t need to do it alone.


To help you build your dream public health career.

So that you can go out and change the world.

Public health needs you.

How do you know if the program is right for you?

The program will be a right fit for you if you are:

  1. An early professional: You are a few years into your public health career but have not really thought about the future of your career. You landed a J-O-B and it’s good (for now), but you also know that you want to take control of your career path, align your values to it, and seriously think about the impact you want to make in this world. As Oprah said, “You must have some vision for your life. Even if you don’t know the plan, you have to have a direction in which you choose to go.” If you’re motivated to work on your vision, we’re here to help you.
  2. A recent graduate: You graduated from a public health program (undergraduate or graduate level) – yay, and congratulations! And now you’re stuck. You need guidance to uncover your unique public health career path. You’ve been at it on your own and have hit some roadblocks. You are having some difficulty stepping into the public health workforce and could really use a rigorous program to keep you going, not to mention a cheerleading squad to keep you motivated. You worked so hard over these past few years to get this public health degree and you are driven to use what you learned and make an impact in the world. You know deep down that there is a place for you in public health, and you are willing to work towards finding that path.
  3. A student: You’re pursuing a public health program, either at the undergraduate or graduate level and can’t wait to jump into the public health workforce. When you graduate, you want to be prepared with a career plan so that you can hit the ground running: this includes having the right mindset, the necessary tools, and a public health network to tap into. You are working very hard to learn the fundamentals of public health, and you are ready to put the knowledge to use and make an impact in the world!

Career coaching that’s more than a resume revamp and a stock cover letter template.

We’re all about long-term growth.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Active learning: This is a 6-week hands-on intensive program. When you join the program, you’re not just passively listening to video recordings. We’re going to get you working on your career path.
  • Discuss with peers & experts: You’ll attend live online sessions to discuss weekly topics, get into breakout rooms, and engage in the community.
  • Put concepts into action: You’ll complete weekly exercises to apply the concepts directly to building your career path. Whether that’s polishing up your LinkedIn profile and expanding your network, or doing practice interviews.
  • Cheerleading squad: Community and peer learning are at the core of this program. You’ll be amongst a cohort of peers who will understand what you are going through. Together you will help each other achieve your goals.
  • Accountability and Feedback: It’s easy to get discouraged during the early days of starting off your career. Your community of peers and the live sessions will keep you accountable. All you have to do is show up and feed off the energy.
  • Special Guests: We have a deep network of amazing public health professionals and other coaches who will join the live sessions to share their expertise.

A program that’s non-judgemental and personalized to you.

Highlight of Weekly Deliverables:

  • Week 1: We’ll identify and tackle the fears holding you back from fully stepping into your career and develop your personal goal for the Program.
  • Week 2: You’ll develop an outline of your unique career vision.
  • Week 3: You’ll work on a personalized action plan to grow your professional network by 10%, in addition to polishing your LinkedIn profile and booking 3 informational interviews.
  • Week 4: You’ll create a ready-to-use elevator pitch, finalize a CV and create a resume template to use in job applications.
  • Week 5: You’ll develop your personalized job search strategy and fill up your toolkit to execute a job search.
  • Week 6: We’ll discuss the next steps to take after the program for long-term success.
Sujani Siva

Sujani Siva



We are on a mission to help public health professionals build their dream careers.

PH SPOT was founded in 2017 by Sujani Siva. saw a gap in the online space for a career development resource dedicated specifically for public health professionals. Sujani identified this gap after she spent many hours from 2013 – 2016, guiding public health students and new grads one-on-one with their careers. As this was not a scalable solution, Sujani decided to create PH SPOT to reach, inspire and support a larger number of public health professionals.

PH SPOT initially started as a job board and evolved into what it is today featuring community-generated career stories on the blog, a podcast to complement the blog, and resources and tools for studying, working and upskilling in public health.

As a trusted career development resource, we are recommended and relied upon by students, new graduates, academic institutions, and public health organizations

Since graduating from her public health degree in 2013, Sujani spent countless hours between until the launch of PH SPOT guiding public health students and new grads one-on-one with their careers. Recognizing that this was not a scalable solution, nor a personally sustainable one she launched PH SPOT to reach, inspire and support a larger number of public health professionals while ensuring that a more diverse set of experiences and advice was being shared.

With the pandemic as knowledge exchange, mentorship and networking moved to virtual spaces the value of an online hub for public health career development has skyrocketed and PH SPOT continues to be a trusted resource, recommended and relied upon by students, new graduates, academic institutions, and public health organizations.

What we've heard

💬 “I have been job searching for over 8 months and I need a lot of help.”

💬 “As a busy university student who is always studying for exams, there aren’t many opportunities to hone job application skills. It would guide me in the right direction when approaching jobs.”

💬 “I am about to graduate from my MPH (Epidemiology) program at UofT, and would like some help in how to navigate the job application process, especially in this uncertain time of a pandemic.”

💬 “I am a recent graduate from the MPH program and would greatly appreciate help in translating my knowledge and skills in an effective way when applying to jobs.”

💬 “I’m struggling with trying to figure out exactly what area I’m interested in within this career field

💬 “I went straight from bachelor’s to master’s and then Ph.D. and never had exposure to what it’s like to apply for a job and never hear back from them at all! 

💬 “I’m honestly at a bit of a loss with regards to how to break into the field of public health.  I have been looking for public health positions on job boards, but there doesn’t seem to be many opportunities out there.  Maybe I’m searching for the wrong keywords?

💬 “I don’t have any work experience previously in this field, other than some volunteering work. Can you guide me to choose the best career path…?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The program combines live sessions with lectures, discussions, and breakout sessions. These will typically be once a week for up to 2 hours. There will be additional self-study and work to be done on your time and applied in real-time for maximum results. Dedicating a total of 4-5 hours a week is ideal.
  • The live sessions will typically run weekday evenings (EDT) and some weekends. We’ll likely do a poll at the start of each cohort to find a time slot that works best for the majority of participants. The sessions will be recorded and shared.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are a seasoned professional who has figured out their career path already.
  • You are not willing to put the effort and time to show up to the sessions (live or recorded) and put in the work to see results. This is not a program where we revamp your resume and send you off to go apply to a handful of jobs. We are all about long-term growth.

This is a 6-week intensive program, mixed with self-study components and live workshops. You will have access to the live session recordings during the cohort period you are enrolled in. However, you will have access to all self-study materials for 6 months. 

We highly encourage every participant of the cohort to attend the live sessions as they are incredibly valuable for your learning and growth. However we also understand that life happens and unexpected events take us off-course. Recordings of the live session will be made available. 

  • Week 1 – Lay a strong foundation to build your dream career: We focus on starting right the first week. The right mindset is an absolute necessity when starting your career. It leads to a strong foundation for you to build your career on: one that is purpose-driven and fuels you. We will tackle imposter syndrome and self-care, in order to build up your confidence before you embark on this journey. Stepping into the workforce can be scary. Everyone has fears, and you can learn how to manage them.
  • Week 2 – Get organized: career vision: Identifying your career vision will not only help guide the remaining weeks of this program, but your overall career. Having a career that is aligned with your core values is important. Getting clear on your career vision will motivate you throughout your career. We will get through some essential items before beginning the application process. In this week, you will understand the public health workforce, options that are available to you, and use this information to identify what it is you want. Includes some self-learning, live sessions, and lots of reflections. So get ready to ask yourself the tough questions.
  • Week 3 – Build your network: You don’t have to go at this career thing alone, no one has! Having a strong network built on strong relationships will help you navigate your career, discuss challenges and options you may be faced with, and give you opportunities. We will cover the importance of building a strong network in this module, leverage your existing network, and learn a few new tricks too. Topics such as LinkedIn and informational interviews will also be covered. We will also challenge you to start working on your network throughout the program.
  • Week 4 – Sharpen your tools: Week three is all about getting the tools ready. Before you jump in front of an employer, we are going to ensure that you have all of the right tools. In this module, we’ll work on crafting your unique story using your interests, experiences and skills. We will distill all of this into the products that you present in front of prospective employers: CV/resume and cover letter. 
  • Week 5 – Let’s do this: This week we’re going to use everything we’ve learned in the past 4 weeks and put it into action. You’ll learn to get organized during the application process, where and how to find jobs (the right job for you), we’ll practice doing interviews, who to select as your reference, and when you land that job offer (wooho!), have the tools to negotiate exactly what you want (how to have those discussions).
  • Week 6 – Graduation & Debriefing: In the final week, we celebrate and talk about the past and the future. We will tie the lessons learned from the 5 weeks prior for our reflection and planning of the future. You don’t stop working on your public health career the moment you land a job. It’s an ongoing process and we’ll teach you the things you need to do.

It’s definitely worth asking. Our other course (Infographics 101) has been supported by organizations and academic institutions through career development funds.

Due to the way this program is structured (i.e. live sessions), the refunds cause a lot of operational/management challenges for the PH SPOT team. Therefore all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

Please send us a note to support@phspot.org

We hope to figure this out in the future. Stay tuned for updates.


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