Lessons learned building Moxley Public Health Consulting, with Stephanie Moxley

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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Stephanie Moxley, the founder of Moxley Public Health Consulting. They discuss Stephanie’s journey into building her own public health consulting company and talk about what goes into becoming a successful entrepreneur in the public health field.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Stephanie’s path to public health and what drew her to the MPH
  • How parenthood has changed Stephanie’s career path and advice for other new parents that are managing their own businesses
  • What Moxley Public Health is and why Stephanie wanted to start her own consulting company 
    • What challenges Stephanie faced and early successes she achieved through her company
    • What kinds of projects Moxley Public Health takes on and how the company has evolved over the years
    • Future plans and new initiatives Moxley Public Health has in store
  • Advice from Stephanie for fellow public health entrepreneurs including what character traits or skills may help someone become a successful entrepreneur 
  • How networking is essential in working as a consultant in public health and tips on how to cultivate this skill

Today’s Guest:

Stephanie Moxley is the owner and founder of Moxley Public Health (MPH) Consulting. Stephanie first began her career in public health 20 years ago as a health educator and program coordinator focused on HIV/STD prevention at the GO GIRL! Program at Bronx AIDS Services in Bronx, New York. After discovering her passion for the field of community public health, she moved to Boston and continued her education and training at Boston University School of Public Health. During graduate school, Stephanie was chosen for the HIV Social and Behavioral Sciences fellowship, worked full-time as a research assistant in a youth alcohol and marijuana study conducting motivational interviewing, was the president of PHAM (Public Health Alliance for Minorities), and completed her internship conducting health education at a rural community in Jamaica. Following graduate school, Stephanie worked on several projects from the local level all the way up to CDC federally funded projects. 

Stephanie has committed her career to focus on health promotion, addressing health disparities and inequities, and working to improve the health of both rural and urban communities. Stephanie seeks to understand a problem and finds a solution that is driven by data and evidence-based practices. She is experienced in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data that is efficient and useful, conducting needs assessments to identify both the assets/resources of a community along with their gaps/areas for improvement, and using data to effectively and thoughtfully implement a program with a strong evaluation plan. Additionally, Stephanie seeks to build organizational capacity by training others to conduct various public health skills. Interwoven into Stephanie’s work, is her innate ability and love of creating collaborations that improve the health and lives of people in a community.

Stephanie holds a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Boston University School of Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Hunter College in New York City.

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