How to use the right key terms in your public health job application, with Zoila Reyna

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Unlock the code to public health job success with Zoila Reina of Public Health Hired, who graces our podcast with expert tips on mastering the language of the sector. If you’ve ever felt lost in a sea of job applications, Zoila’s creation, the Public Health Key Terms Guide, is your beacon. We zero in on the power of terms and how they’re not just buzzwords but keys to your next career move. From decoding job descriptions to enhancing your resume and shining in interviews, our conversation is the guiding light for public health hopefuls ready to make their mark.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the Key Terms in Public Health Guide is and how it came to be
  • How understanding terms can help you envision yourself in certain jobs and reflect on your skills
  • Understanding key terms to show off your public health knowledge in job applications and interviews
  • Elevating your language in everyday work to advance your career
  • Using key terms to expand your job search beyond traditional public health roles

Today’s Guest:

The founder of Public Health Hired, Zoila Reyna MPH, has single-handedly, with no outsourcing, helped secure over 240 public health job offers and internships through her virtual presentations, online masterclass, tailored mentorships, and social media content. Zoila’s unwavering dedication to the diverse public health workforce is evident through the Public Health Hired’s mission to demystify the public health employment process and help others master best practices and proven techniques to be successful in the job search. She has a full-time job in healthcare as a consultant for community health and loves spending time in her Los Angeles home with her baby girl Jhara, her son Giovanni, dog Lulu, and spouse Jimmy.

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