Why you need a personal brand, with Richa Bansal

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Imagine catapulting your career to new heights by harnessing the transformative power of personal branding. That’s exactly what we’re unpacking today with leadership coach Richa Bansal, whose insights into professional presence are nothing short of game-changing. Our conversation delves into the nuances of how you’re perceived and the pivotal role of aligning your self-image with external perspectives. And for those just starting out, we lay out a blueprint for building a strong personal brand that paves the way to leadership and innovation.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What personal branding is and why it is important to understand your brand
  • How to figure out your brand and use the POWER framework to shift it to advance towards your career goals
  • Advice for early professionals on building your personal brand and envisioning where you want to be
  • When perceptions can limit progress and tips on starting fresh 
  • How having allies in the workplace can help with shaping your personal brand and learning to “box the ask” for help

Today’s Guest:

Richa Bansal is a leadership and job search coach with a decade of experience excelling in the corporate world on her own terms. She previously worked with Amazon, leading large-scale programs to help the company hire the best talent on earth, and with Schlumberger, leading a large engineering team to deliver multi-million dollar projects for global oilfield clients like ExxonMobil, Shell and BP.  

As one of the only women in the room for most of her career, Richa has seen first-hand the struggles of women as they navigate the corporate ladder. In 2019, she founded Pinkcareers to deliver actionable, no-fluff career advice to ambitious professionals and accelerate their career growth. Richa has partnered with over 20 Fortune-500 companies, universities, and the Government of Canada to deliver her leadership programs, and coached 100s of high-potential professionals on how to ditch limiting beliefs and leverage the power of personal branding to 2X their career, compensation and impact.  

Richa earned a Bachelor’s from IIT Delhi in India, a Master’s from Purdue University, and an MBA from Rice University. When she is not working on Pinkcareers, she loves to travel the world with her husband and two little boys

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