Top 5 PH SPOT Podcast Episodes

While we’d recommend you check out all of the episodes, here are the top 5 most downloaded episodes of all time. Happy listening!

Public Health Job Application Tips From An HR Professional (Resumes And Interviews), With Kiriga Konalingam

Welcoming The Doctor Of Public Health (DrPH) Degree To Canada At The University Of Toronto & FAQ Session, With Erica Di Ruggiero

Episode 19_ Welcoming the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree to Canada, with Erica de Ruggiero

Field Epidemiology: What Is It Really Like To Be Deployed Across The World & Tips For Aspiring Individuals, With Amalia Plotogea

Where Will Your MPH Degree Take You? Two Lessons To Mentally Prepare For Your MPH Degree In The Time Of COVID-19, With Sujani Siva

Contemplating Consulting In Public Health, With Leah Roman

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