PHS043 Get yourself a mentor for your public health career

Quick career tips: Get yourself a mentor for your public health career

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Show Notes

A mentor is “someone who gives…help and advice over a period of time, especially help and advice related to [one’s] job” (Collins Dictionary).


One of the top career advice you will receive, regardless of whether you are in public health or not, is to find yourself a mentor.

A mentor is someone who is typically more experienced and has travelled the path you wish to go on. You can lean on a mentor to make difficult career decisions or ask for advice during difficult situations. 

In this episode, Sujani talks about her journey understanding the definition of a mentor, the myths she believed about mentors, and how she eventually realized who her mentors were.

You’ll learn:

  • The four myths about a career mentor that Sujani believed in and eventually debunked.
  • The journey she took to discover who her mentors were and how they have helped her in her career.
  • Why having a mentor is extremely important, and how you can get started on building this important relationship.



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PH SPOTlight: Public health career stories, inspiration, and guidance from current-day public health heroes

On the show, Sujani sits down with public health heroes of our time to share career stories, inspiration, and guidance for building public health careers. From time to time, she also has conversations with friends of public health – individuals who are not public health professionals, but their advice and guidance are equally important.

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