Science communication in public health, with Neal Goldstein, Epidemiologist and author of Pandemics for Babies

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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Neal Goldstein to talk about his career as an infectious disease epidemiologist and author. They discuss Neal’s career from working as an engineer to becoming a public health expert and his experience writing a book designed to explain complex scientific ideas to younger audiences.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The importance of communication skills in the public health field
  • Tips that Neal has for developing or practicing communication to different audiences
  • Neal’s experience going from working as an engineer to an infectious disease epidemiologist
    • What skills he took from his previous career were useful in his current career
    • What new skills he needed to succeed in his current career
  • What the book  “Pandemic for Babies” is about
    • How Neal and his co-authors came up with this book idea
  • Neal’s experience as an academic and researcher writing a book targeted to younger audiences
    • Neal’s process for distilling complex topics so they can be understood by children
    • Surprises Neal discovered about communication when writing for different audiences

Today’s Guest:

Neal D. Goldstein, PhD, MBI is an Assistant Research Professor of Epidemiology. With a background in biomedical informatics, he focuses on computational approaches in complex data settings, especially electronic health records and disease surveillance, to understand infectious disease transmission among vulnerable populations. This has been demonstrated through his work with blood borne pathogens (HIV and hepatitis C), COVID-19, vaccine preventable diseases, and healthcare associated infections.

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