Quick career tips: use this job satisfaction checklist as your career compass

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In this episode of Quick career tips, Sujani discusses job satisfaction. 

Depending on which study or survey result you review we know that not 100% of the population is satisfied with their job. This number ranges anywhere between 50% to 75% for job satisfaction in North America. We know that many things contribute to job satisfaction. While an organization/employer is responsible for some of these things, we also have a role to play in our own job satisfaction.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why tackling job satisfaction is important to us here at PH SPOT.
  • Why job satisfaction should matter to you.
  • How you can take control of your job satisfaction.
  • Understand what is important to you, and how to take the first step.
  • How to use our simple worksheet to work through identifying the top 5 factors important to you

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