PHS033 Quick Career Tip - Invest in your professional relationships

Quick career tips: Invest in your professional relationships

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Show Notes

Today’s career tip spotlight is on investing in your professional relationships, because, like in life, relationships take you far in your career.

Sujani provides a few examples of how relationships have taken her far in her career, and follows up by answering the following two questions:

  1. Who do I build relationships with?
  2. How do I build strong professional relationships?

You’ll learn:

  • You can choose anyone in your professional circle to build a relationship with; it’ll be a trial and error process. Think beyond your team, department, and even organization when deciding who to build relationships with.
  • When building your professional network, think about these general categories: Who will support me when I am faced with a tough decision at work? Whose advice do I respect – at a peer level and at a manager level? Who is part of other great networks that I can also leverage and be a part of? Who will recommend me for great opportunities? Who is well connected?
  • Your network is your net worth.
  • Building strong professional relationships, like any other relationship, takes time.
  • List of actions to take immediately to start building your network.


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