Do you dream of being a public health consultant…
…but feel stuck due to the fear of all of the unknowns?

Do you have questions like:
How do I get started?
How do I find clients?

If so, you are not alone! All consultants go through this fear and have the same questions.

We’ve partnered up with Leah Roman Consulting to offer “CONTEMPLATING CONSULTING”.

Leah designed this course to answer questions from aspiring consultants so that you can move from indecision to action.

Overcome the fear of getting started.

Action is always the best teacher, and this online, self-paced course has the action plans you need to succeed.

Contemplating Consulting

A readiness guide to help public health professionals decide to hit the brakes or take the leap

*Note: PH SPOT is an affiliate partner with Leah Roman, which means, we receive a commission if you decide to enrol into the course (this is at no extra cost to you) – so thank you if you do enrol.

About Leah Roman (Instructor)

Leah Roman
Owner, Roman Public Health Consulting LLC

Leah Roman is a public health consultant and educator in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. After spending a decade in public health, she launched her business in 2013 to bring some flexibility into her schedule and to provide clients with customized services ranging from grant writing to health education program development. People often refer to Leah as a “connector”, so it is no surprise that she has reached out to many fellow consultants over the past six years. During those conversations and meetings, she identified a few themes in terms of what we need to be successful: peer support and more business and entrepreneurial know-how (because for the most part, MPH programs are not teaching you how to run your own business). So Leah took it upon herself to become that person who could fill the gap for aspiring and current public health consultants.


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