Collaboration is key when designing an infographic

This blog post is a part of our mini-series to bring you quick tips to ensure your infographic design projects are a success!

Infographics can be a great way to work together on a project.

Your “infographic design team” could consist of different people within your own organization, or it could give you an opportunity to reach out to those you haven’t had a chance to collaborate with! Having a diverse team, or including those with content, expertise can improve the information incorporated in your Infographic. Here are some of our tips to get you working collaboratively on your first (or next) infographic project:

  • Think about who you would like to collaborate with for your project
  • Include a few sessions for brainstormingRemember! Working with a team, brainstorming, and asking for and incorporating feedback will take time. You also won’t be able to please everyone.
  • Plan ahead, and ensure that the project deadline isn’t too close.
  • Establish key messages and main points with your team, and reduce the extra information (see the next section for an example!).

It can be difficult to work with a team when designing an infographic, but we assure you that your product will be much better. Having different eyes on the product before publication ensures that the final product will be better understood by your audience.

Blog post Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash.

You can create infographics too!

Elevate your career by integrating graphic design into your public health work. To get started, try this 6 day infographic challenge that helps you ease into designing.


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