Adapting to the future of online learning and teaching during a pandemic, with Siobhan Hickling & Gina Arena

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Show Notes

In this episode, Sujani sits down with authors of the paper “Adapting to Teaching during a Pandemic” Siobahn Hickling and Gina Arena. Together, they talk about different models of teaching public health and what they have found to be most effective ways to relay information to students.


You’ll Learn

  • About the changing visibility of public health education
  • How the pandemic and lockdowns have affected university classrooms in Australia
  • The effect of real time vs time delayed lessons has on education
  • The potential challenges and benefits of self-directed learning
  • Tips on how educators and students can thrive in new learning environments
  • The importance of peer to peer interactions in education
  • Best practices for educators and ways of moving away from a one dimensional classroom
  • Tips for capturing students attention and engagement
  • The benefits of intensive learning model
  • The ways that rapport can be built through virtual teaching

Today’s Guest

Siobahn Hickling

Dr Siobhan Hickling is a research dietitian and epidemiologist with twenty years experience in public health teaching, research and practice.  Her research work embraces cardiovascular disease and nutritional epidemiology and ranges from small and qualitative studies to much larger quantitative projects such as the VITATOPS study – a major international trial of folate in the prevention of stroke.  Dr Hickling’s current research is coordinating an Australia-wide study determining whether a new test for chest pain in Emergency Departments can improve health care, outcomes and costs.  She also collaborates on projects examining the association and influence of the built environment on eating behaviours, monitoring the impact of mandatory folate fortification on Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and dietary intake and depressive symptoms in children and adolescents.

Gina Arena

Dr Gina Arena is a lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Her research has focussed on teaching in the health and medical programs and on injury using the WA Health Services Linked Database.

Dr Arena has taught in the Faculty for 20 years in both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is currently teaching in the School of Population and Global Health and also in the Medical School as the Scholarly Activities Research Coordinator for the MD program. 


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