Crafting a career in Public Health: tales of serendipity and success, with Christie VanHorne

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This week, our guest Christie VanHorne shares her career trajectory into public health from a background in history and involvement in humanitarian efforts.  From working as a health educator to creating her own public health consulting business and teaching at Vassar College, Christie’s story highlights how hard work, staying true to yourself, and having a solid network are all crucial to building your dream career. Her journey emphasizes the dynamic nature of professional and personal evolution, encouraging listeners to embrace change and growth.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Christie’s path into public health through a passion for human rights and social justice
    • Her work in South Africa with the Peace Corps and international health 
  • Building a strong network to open up doors to new opportunities
  • Dealing with toxic workplaces and how Christie founded her consulting business
  • How education has been a common factor throughout all of Christie’s career and how her love for teaching led to a decision to pursue a DrPH
    • Deciding between a DrPH and PhD and figuring out which path is best for you
  • Finding your niche in public health, staying true to yourself, and traversing your journey at your own pace

Today’s Guest:

Christie is a seasoned public health consultant with 20 years of experience. In 2015, she founded CVH Consulting, LLC., offering services to create impactful health education and training experiences for her clients. Christie has worked with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), the New York State Department of Health, the Hemophilia Federation of America, and many more organizations to design, develop, and update programs. She is also a subject matter expert on the social determinants and health equity for many continuing education projects for community-based organization staff and healthcare professionals. From her time in the Peace Corps in South Africa to teaching at Vassar College and all the career experiences in between, Christie’s dedication to public health shines. Last year, she was recognized with the prestigious ATHENA Award, an international honor for women who demonstrate excellence in their profession, community service, and mentorship of future leaders. One of her current volunteer roles is serving as the Vice-Chair of the National Women’s Health Network Board of Directors. In August, Christie will start her Doctor of Public Health degree at Tulane University, specializing in Equity, Leadership, and Advocacy. She resides in the Hudson Valley, NY, with her beloved pups and husband.

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