40 minutes with Stephanie Booth

When we reached out to Stephanie to share her career journey with us on PH SPOT, she suggested this great podcast she recorded on The Water Pump where she sits down with the host for 40 minutes to talk, “about several different topics, ranging from the value of a liberal arts education, the stellar administrative data capacity within the province of Alberta, her research work studying vaccination in pregnant women with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Calgary, her transition from student to public health employee, and finally her very passionate and dedicated advocacy work on LGBTQ health issues”.

We invite you to listen to her interview below:

About Stephanie

Stephanie Booth is a recent Master of Public Health graduate with a specialization in Epidemiology from the University of Alberta School of Public Health. During her MPH she focused most of her academic work on LGBTQ+ health and volunteered with LGBTQ+ organizations including Camp Fyrefly and the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine’s Sexual and Gender Advocacy Initiative. She has been a featured guest lecturer on topics including infectious disease surveillance,epidemiology, and LGBTQ+ health at the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health and Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work, and Concordia University of Edmonton. She has also presented research at the Alberta GSA Conference on the health and healthcare of people who are transgender, as well as on the different policies in Alberta surrounding cervical cancer screening in relation to lesbian women at the LGBT Health Workforce conference in New York City.

For her MPH practicum Stephanie was placed at Alberta Health, the provincial Ministry of Health, on the epidemiology and surveillance team and worked on projects including the surveillance of notifiable infectious diseases and outbreaks, tick surveillance, and a literature review on the health of people in Northeastern Alberta. For her capping project and continuing after graduation Stephanie worked as a research analyst through the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine.This position focused on the Alberta side of a multi-country study led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examining the effectiveness of the seasonal influenza vaccine when given to pregnant women. Stephanie has continued with this work and also has begun a new position as a Policy Analyst at Alberta Health on the Opioid Implementation Team, supporting the coordination of efforts and work related to the ongoing opioid crisis in Alberta.

Since finishing grad school and gaining some spare time Stephanie enjoys binging Shonda Rhimes TV shows’ on Netflix, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and going to bed at a reasonable hour (finally). Stephanie was recently featured on a podcast, hosted by an MPH classmate Mackenzie Moir, called the Water Pump, where they speak about topics including liberal arts education, administrative data usage in epidemiological studies, and the transition from being a public health student into the work force.


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