Finding your joy: how each role leads to more clarity towards gift, with Patrice Sirmons-Davis

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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Patrice Sirmons-Davis, the founder of PSD Consulting Group. They talk about Patrice’s journey from working in direct clinical care to public health, the values of gathering other perspectives when reflecting on your skills and career, and how PSD Consulting Group came to be.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Patrice found her way from patient advocacy to nursing to public health
    • How Patrice’s experience in direct clinical care shone a light on frustrations she had with the current healthcare system
    • What difficulties Patrice encountered when transitioning from a clinical role to a public health role
    • Tips for those in clinical roles who are thinking of changing professions
  • How to recognize your skills and joys and the values of having outside perspectives affirm your skill sets
  • How PSD Consulting Group aims to integrate traditional healthcare with public health
    • What motivated Patrice to create her own consulting company
    • Patrice’s experience with creating her own company
  • How Patrice’s own career journey motivated her to also do career coaching for early professionals
  • Tips for those in the early stages of building their careers on overcoming financial barriers and where their sets of skills could bring changes in healthcare

Today’s Guest:

Patrice Sirmons is the Owner and Principal Consultant at PSD Consulting Group. She started her career in public health in 1999 as a patient advocate in a community clinic. Since then she has worked at community health centers, ambulatory surgical centers, a county health department, and a nationally ranked hospital system, however, her true love is public health.

She now works as a consultant and healthcare operations strategist. In this role, she works with community and healthcare organizations to create operational and program solutions that improve outcomes for the organizations and the people they serve.

Her interests include addressing health disparities and barriers, integrating public health into traditional healthcare practices, and community health planning and policy development. She has demonstrated areas of expertise that include program development and evaluation, clinical operations and process improvement, and project management.

Patrice holds a Master of Public Health from Des Moines University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio University. She is a licensed Registered Nurse and a Board Certified Nurse Executive – Advanced. 

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