Grassroots to global, the evolution of a Public Health professional, with Glenn Laverack

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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Glenn Laverack, a seasoned public health professional whose career has spanned continents and been shaped by his diverse experiences. His early years engaged with grassroots initiatives laid the foundation for a deep understanding of the local context, an asset that would become invaluable as he navigated the complex world of global health. They explore the significance of community empowerment in making a meaningful impact and touch upon the multifaceted nature of public health careers that are often characterized by an ongoing process of learning, adapting, and seizing opportunities explore the significance of community empowerment in making a meaningful impact. This episode not only serves as a compass for those looking to forge a career in global health but also highlights the collective mission of improving community health and shaping policy.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Glenn’s first experience volunteering in Sri Lanka and how that has led to a lifelong passion and a career in international health
  • The lifestyle choices inherent in a global career that demands international mobility and the enriching experiences it can offer
  • Having direct experience in field work and using your assets to provide a competitive edge in the public health field
  • Factors to consider when thinking about continuing postgraduate studies
  • Empowering communities to have more voice and authority about projects that will influence their lives
  • Understanding what it is you want to achieve in public health to figure out how you can make the most impact
  • The pivotal role that personal connections and networking play in professional development

Today’s Guest:

Dr. Glenn Laverack is a social scientist and an international leader in health promotion and empowerment with a distinguished career for 40 years as a practitioner, an academic, researcher and consultant in more than 50 countries. Dr Laverack has been an advocate for the value of ordinary people at the centre of health promotion and has developed several innovative solutions to co-create successful programs in different cultural contexts. He formerly worked as a Coordinator (Empowerment) in neglected tropical diseases at WHO, Geneva and as a research fellow at Flinders University, Australia. Dr Laverack has managed several large-scale health programs including in Ghana and India and worked as a consultant on more than 100 contracts worldwide. He has a wide range of publications including 26 books, 12 in English and 14 in other languages including in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Farsi, Italian, Chinese and Thai. Dr Laverack has been a visiting professor at 6 universities in Denmark, Italy, the UAE and the UK and was the Director of Health Promotion, University of Auckland, New Zealand. His PhD investigated the collaborative role of communities in health promotion programs in Fiji and is presently an independent adviser with the UN, governmental and international development agencies.

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