Changing your lens on healthcare and community health, with Dr. Sarah Hoehnen, DO

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In this episode, Sujani sits down with Dr. Sarah Hoehnen, an infectious disease physician who is passionate about improving health systems. They discuss what drew Sarah to community health, her experience with leadership and expanding her work to include medical administration, and what Sarah has learned about marrying healthcare with other public health services.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How a medical school rotation drew Sarah into public health
    • What made Sarah interested in social systems and the way they impact health
  • How western healthcare systems differ from others around the world and what we could learn from them
  • How we can start changing systems to better connect individual clinical care to the health of the community
  • The value of playing to your own strengths and perspectives in healthcare
  • Sarah’s experience transitioning from a clinical role to a directorial/management role
    • Why it’s important for Sarah to continue her clinical work along with her administrative work
    • The biggest challenges Sarah has come across in her experience working on both sides
    • What additional training Sarah has gone through or considered to succeed in her administrative role
  • Ways to successfully lead a team and have everyone work in their own zones of genius

Today’s Guest:

Dr. Sarah Hoehnen is a practicing infectious disease physician who is passionate about improving access to infectious disease screening, treatment, and prevention through integrated care and harm reduction models. Dr. Hoehnen partners with behavioral health and primary care providers to implement innovative systems of care that improve patient outcomes.

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