Book Review – A Terrible Thing to Waste: Environmental Racism and Its Assault on the American Mind by Harriet A. Washington

Harriet Washington knows how to frame an argument. She writes and organizes evidence in such a way that by the time you would have a question, she’s already answered it. By the time a reader may consider arguing her point, she’s already proved them wrong.

Largely known for her edifying work in Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present, Harriet A. Washington returns with A Terrible Thing to Waste to shed light on the disproportionate exposure of people of color to environmentally hazardous substances and the effect it’s had on both the physical and cognitive health of entire communities and generations across the US. She has since been a key voice in discussing how both environmental and medical racism shaped the Covid-19 pandemic in the US.

Her accounts of environmental injustice will leave you furious, but Washington also gives us hope. In my interview with her at Public Health Post, I felt her compassion as strongly as her intelligence. She knows we are capable of better things as a society, and while we wait for systemic change, she informs her readers how to protect themselves while calling for further awareness and government action.

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