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Show Notes

This is the second episode we are recording since the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all try to navigate this new way of life, we at PH SPOT wanted to switch things up and produce a few podcast episodes that are different from our original show.

In today’s episode, Sujani sits down with someone special. You may have heard his name in our intro episode, or in some of our email communications. If you guessed Kajanth, you are absolutely right.

Kajanth, as introduced in our intro episode, is one of the unsung heroes of PH SPOT. He is responsible for how all of the content is delivered to you. He is behind the building of our websites (PH SPOT and, podcasts, and online course, to name a few…Name a PH SPOT product, and Kajanth is probably the reason you can access it on your devices. (Kajanth is also Sujani’s husband!)

For this episode, we thought it would be fun for the two of them to record an unplanned and unscripted episode about PH SPOT. This was an exciting and equally nervous episode to record as neither knew where the conversation was going!


You’ll Learn

  • Who Kajanth is, and his role at PH SPOT (as a non-public health person, what he thinks of public health)
  • The moment PH SPOT began to feel like more than a blog
  • The journey of how PH SPOT came to be
  • The different moments that Sujani and Kajanth remember about building PH SPOT – the fun and the difficult moments
  • The small and big dreams they’ve dreamt up for the future of PH SPOT


Today’s Guest

Sujani Siva

After guiding a number of public health students and new grads over the past 7 years, Sujani created PH SPOT to reach, inspire and support public health professionals. Sujani enjoys seeing people around her grow and become the best version of themselves!

Kajanth Nithiyananthan

Kajanth is a cofounder of PH SPOT and takes care of all things digital and tech on the platform. Kajanth’s strengths lie in the strategy and direction of technology solutions. He has a Bachelors of Commerce degree from Ryerson University, with specialization in Information Technology Management. Kajanth is interested in leveraging his expertise in commerce and technology to add value to community organizations with a focus on health and human rights. Along with PH SPOT, he also serves as a Board of Director at the Human Rights Internet, and was a past Board member of the Tamil Health Association.




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Before you go…

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PH SPOTlight: Public health career stories, inspiration, and guidance from current-day public health heroes

On the show, Sujani sits down with public health heroes of our time to share career stories, inspiration, and guidance for building public health careers. From time to time, she also has conversations with friends of public health – individuals who are not public health professionals, but their advice and guidance are equally important.

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