A senior health executive’s career journey, with York Region Public Health’s Chief Nursing Officer and Logistics HR Chief of the Health Emergency Operations for COVID 19 response Julia Roitenberg

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Show Notes

In this episode, Sujani sits down with Julia Roitenberg who took on the role of Chief Nursing Officer at York Region Public Health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Julia talks about her journey from bedside nurse to having a doctorate in public health and much more.


You’ll Learn

  • Ways that York Region Public Health has integrated the social determinants of health
  • Ways that community prevention and promotion has been prioritized in Julia’s work
  • How Julia has integrated a health equity lens into program planning
  • What advice Julia has for new public health graduates
  • More about Julia’s experiences with the University of Toronto’s Global Executive MBA in Healthcare and Life Sciences 
  • About different types of MBA programs
  • More on the Canadian Health Executive Certification
  • Why Julia is looking forward to pursuing a Doctorate in Public Health at University of Toronto 

Today’s Guest

Julia Roitenberg

Julia Roitenberg is currently Chief of Logistics HR in the Health Emergency Operations Centre and the Chief Nursing Officer for York Region Public Health. She has more than 20 years of nursing leadership experience in a variety of health settings including acute care, community and public health. In Julia’s past role as the Director of Child and Family Health and Chief Nursing Officer at York Region Public Health she was responsible for the Healthy Babies Healthy Children program, reproductive health, parenting, breastfeeding and dental services in York Region.

Julia completed her Master of Nursing degree from the University of Toronto, a master’s certificate in Municipal Management from York University, Schulich School of Business and her Global Executive MBA in Healthcare and Life Sciences at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.


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