COVID-19 Resource Page for Public Health Professional


We are in this together

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of our lives.

It is a tough time for every single one of us. 
Physical distancing and virtual hangouts are new.
Having the entire family at home 24/7 is not something that we are used to.  And for some, the transition to working from home has been tough.

We will be the first to say that we don’t like this way of living and wish things were different. But, as public health professionals, we also know how important it is to bear some of this pain because it does save lives.

To help the PH SPOT community through this time, we have put together the COVID-19 Resource Page. This page is meant to help you with your public health career during this trying time, as long as it takes. We will be continuously updating the resource page, so check back regularly.

Opportunities to help with COVID-19

As public health professionals, it’s natural for us to want to find ways to support the response efforts of this pandemic. As we discover employment, volunteer, and other opportunities related to COVID-19 we will be populating this database. The list below is a preview; click the button to get access to the entire document (save this link we send you as it will get updated once the PH SPOT community begins to contribute to it – you too can contribute!).

 If you come across any COVID-19 related opportunities:


Fill your physical distancing space

With perhaps some time on your hands to think about your public health career,
here are a few ideas for you to fill that physical distancing space.


A simple template to get you started.

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