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for public health professionals

4 ways to use infographics in your public health work

(+ a list of ideas for each of the 4 ways!)

(/ˌinfōˈɡrafik/ | noun.)

The visualization of information: data, knowledge, or ideas.

If you’ve thought about creating an infographic before, but convinced yourself that you don’t have anything worth sharing through this medium, I am here to tell you that you are wrong my friend! 

In fact, I am here to tell you that you absolutely do have important information to share, and that you infact have a responsibility as a public health professional to do so! 

We, as public health professionals, have A LOT of information to share with the public.

Infographics are an effective (and popular) communication strategy in public health, and I believe that we need to equip and train public health professionals with the skill to be able to produce infographics when they need it!

If you’re convinced, but are still thinking that you don’t have anything worth designing an infographic for, download this guide!

With this guide, you will walk away with:

  • 4 applications for infographics in public health
  • Numerous ideas for each application
  • Sample infographics for each application (yes, including pictures!)
  • More resources to get you started on the infographic design journey (made specifically for public health professionals)

A personal message from Sujani…

Hi, I’m Sujani Siva

A fellow public health professional based in Canada, the founder of phspot.org and creator behind this value-packed free guide!

Here’s why I created this guide, plus many other resources focused on infographic design for public health professionals.

Since 2011, I have been designing infographics, and have seen first hand its effectiveness in disseminating key messages to different audiences. And here’s the best part: I was self-taught! This means that I know you too can do it! With the right guidance and access to resources like this one, I have witnessed many public health professionals (my students) confidently embark on the journey of effective communication through infographics.

I’m here to help you take the important public health information you have access to, and tell a story using infographics – let’s get started!

Founded in 2017, PH SPOT is a career development platform for public health professionals around the world.


4 ways to use infographics in your public health work


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