Beginner's only: Build a public health website

A step-by-step course to help you build and launch a public health website that is LOW maintenance, costs ZERO DOLLARS ($0), and requires VERY LITTLE technical knowledge and skill

Why do I need a website?

Public health professionals can develop the skills to build websites for their organizations, projects, and various initiatives.

As a public health professional, we have a responsibility to effectively communicate health information to the populations we serve. This can be achieved in many ways, such as presentations, flyers, infographics, and of course, websites.

Websites are a publicly accessible resource, and have become the first point of contact for many organizations and individuals. They are a great way to showcase public health information, and are globally accessible.

Public health professionals can develop the skills to build websites for their organizations, projects, and various initiatives.

This course is here to give you the skills, tools, and guidance to launch your public health website! 

Learn to design websites for these purposes

To promote a public health project or initiative
To showcase your organization's work
To launch a public health consulting business
To compile your accomplishments for employers
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Here’s why I created this course

Hi, I'm Kajanth Nithiyananthan!

Over the years, my wife and I have built a number of websites for various initiatives we have launched. We have experimented with different platforms that have required varying levels of maintenance, financial investment, and technical capabilities.

In 2013, we discovered Google Sites when trying to be extremely frugal for the launch of a website for our health research not-for-profit organization.  Google sites offered us everything we needed in terms of a website! To this date, the not-for-profit organization’s website is based off of Google Sites.

As we started working with public health professionals with PH SPOT, we have heard from the community the benefits of having access to tools and solutions that require very little to zero financial investments. Building public health websites was a skill that PH SPOT community members were interested in developing. Given our experience with the Infographics 101 course, we aimed to build the Beginner’s Only: Build a public health website course to help you build and launch a public health website with very little barriers, including technical and financial barriers!

Since we first discovered Google Sites in 2013, the platform has been significantly revamped offering users the tools to build and launch a premium looking website. For this reason, we built this course to teach public health professionals how to use Google Sites to give you the skills, tools, and guidance to launch a website.

Let’s get started!

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Overcome the fear of getting started.
Action is always the best teacher,
and the Beginner’s Only: Build a public health website course
has the action plans you need to succeed.

You’ll learn how to start, design and publish premium looking websites

  • What and how websites work. Basics of what a website is made up of and how it works. You will not only understand how all websites work, you will know how your soon-to-be built website will also work. With this knowledge, you will become more comfortable getting started.
  • Foundations of a website. Building a website from the perspective of your target audience – who are your community and what would they think when they see your website. This perspective will give you clarity on what are important information to include and your messaging. Finally, you will dedicate a signficant portion of your pre-build phase defining your brand – colour and logos that makes up your business, which is useful in all mediums of contact with your community. 
  • Build your site on Google Sites. Once you have established the foundations of your website, you will actively build the website on Google sites. You will learn about each feature and control you have available on Google sites, and how to take advantage of them. 
  • Launch the right way & continuous development. I’ll help you to launch your website the right way to your network and beyond. I will share additional resources to help you with on going improvements to your site after it’s launched. These additional resources will guide you in the right path to making a beautiful website. 

Course Information

Here's what's included

The Beginner’s Only: Build a public health website course was designed with public health professionals in mind. If you’re a first-time website builder and you’re looking for help with each step along the way, this is the course for you.

  • Clear action items. There are 6 sections that make up the course. The first half of the course focuses on building the foundations, including the basics of a website, how it works, and discovering the why for your website, and who you are building this website for. The remaining half of the course focuses on the tools you have available to you and active building of the website. 
  • Support for different learners. The course supports all learning styles. Worksheets to get you organized, video lessons and follow-along activities.
  • Work at your own pace. Take the time you need to work through the course. Advance through the course at your own pace and split it up however you like. You can choose to complete it over few days or couple of weeks. 
  • Free updates as long as the product exists. Once you enrol in the course, you will have lifetime access to revisit the concepts and access all of the tools and guides.

Start Building With Confidence

Technical skills are no longer needed to build a website!
Take advantage of the step-by-step guided approach to building a great website with the free tools that are available to you. 

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone who struggled with getting started on building a premium looking website. The shear number of options, the complexity and even the cost may have been a deterant in the past. You no longer have to let these hold you back!

This course is also useful if you just need guidance to get started, even if you don’t see yourself being on the Google sites platform for a long time. Your unique reasons may send you in a different direction, but getting started is always the first step. Google sites being free to use makes getting started accessible to anyone and everyone with internet connection.

The course is not for individuals with advanced technical knowledge, or have built websites on wordpress or other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in building a website, but don’t know how to get started, this course is for you. This course is for anyone who feels that technical knowledge or just simply the lack of guidance is a barrier for them to get started. 

The course is available throughout the year. Once you have enrolled, you have ongoing access. The course is self-paced and you may take as long as you need to complete it.

You will have lifetime access to the course.

There are 12 videos totalling over 68 minutes.

You can purchase the course when the time is right for you. The course can be completed within a few days or stretched over a few weeks. 

No additional software is needed, as the entire course is guided on the brower and built using tools that are available online.

This course is for beginners and aims to use what is already available to public health professionals, instead of investing in new/expensive software. Having said that, the design and website development concepts can be used on other software and web development platforms. 

The course learning modules need to be accessed via a desktop or laptop computer.

We have partnered with Paypal & Stripe to ensure the payment process is completely secure using industry-leading technology. All the while, providing a multitude of payment options to make the process easy via major credits cards and PayPal account (major credit card includes: Visa, MasterCard, Amex). 

We take care of the taxes so you don’t have to. The displayed prices on the website include the taxes, so there are no surprises when you process the payment.

Oh no! We don’t want that! We offer 100 day, 100+% money back guarantee. The 100+% is a one on one chat with me to share your thoughts on the course, while you get a full refund of your money back.

Let's get started!

Beginner’s only: Build a public health website

A step-by-step course to help you build and launch a public health website that is
LOW maintenance, costs ZERO DOLLARS ($0), and requires VERY LITTLE technical knowledge and skill


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